November 25, 2013

Element Appendage Model Department

Element is pleased to announce that it will be opening a new office in Pulaski, Wisconsin, to accommodate the agency’s growing appendage model department.

There have been an overwhelming number of requests to have its employees model their different appendages, which typically include legs, feet, and hands. However, most employees are open to modeling just about any appendage.

“I can’t help but admire all the different appendages each Element employee has to offer,” stated Account Executive Danielle Papineau. “We offer ‘hands’ down the best features I have seen in East De Pere. This new department will allow our company to showcase the manicured style we have always wanted.”

Others have agreed with this statement for weeks. After the world bared witness to the exceptional legs and hands present at Element, the demand for appearances quickly grew. Ann Behling, who started at Element as a Graphic Designer, was recently promoted to Lead Elbow and Leg Model. “It is very freeing to finally be recognized for my many fine attributes. I think this department has only seen the beginning of its growth. Pulaski is the perfect place for us to continue our quest to dominate the appendage model market.”

Mike Tessmer, Appendage Model Director, is very optimistic about the future of appendage modeling in the current economy. “Everyday we see campaigns that feature unrealistic, overly-prepped talent being portrayed as the everyday man or woman. The beauty of Element’s appendage offering is that we can feature the common looking knuckle, pinkie toe, or knee cap in our clients’ campaigns. This talent is raw and straight from Northeast Wisconsin, the Holy Grail of the appendage modeling world.”

Tessmer is also accredited for the launch of this new department due to his recent hand modeling success in a local television ad, shaved knuckles and all.



CanuckThe Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose
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