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16 Years and 16 Things We Love About Element

October 2019 marks Element’s sixteenth year in business, which is pretty sweet! For some, this birthday year marks a coming of age and the chance to drive a car. For us, it’s so much more.

We wouldn’t have made it this far if we didn’t love what we do. So, we asked our team what they love most about Element and distilled them down to 16 things that are worth celebrating on our birthday:


We might be a little biased, but we really do love our team. We are a passionate bunch of talented people who combine our individual superpowers to tackle whatever project comes our way. And we’re more than just teammates, we’re friends; which means we genuinely love working with one another. We also love our clients and all of the people we interact with around various projects and campaigns. They’re really an extended part of our Element family and play an integral part in building creative solutions to whatever business challenges that we may face.


There are many under this roof, and we haven’t found a problem yet that we can’t solve within the team. With over 75 years of combined experience, we love turning ideas into reality.


We truly believe that great work, works. And if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, an idea that makes our team rightfully proud of whatever we create. From creative to copy to digital and beyond, we love working together as a team to make sure everything we produce looks, sounds, and feels just right. And that most of all, it works – meaning that we’re all rooted in a goal that’s focused on results.


We love how it’s almost difficult to not be connected here. Even as we continue to grow, we share the same vision, and everyone has a voice to contribute. This approach keeps everyone up to speed on projects and accommodates practically any communication method preference, online or off.


Ziplining anyone? Our mantra is: Work hard and play hard. Indeed, whether we’re delivering a killer project or cruising forty feet off the ground through northeastern Wisconsin trees, we give it our all, together.


To solve today’s complex business challenges, it often doesn’t make sense to work from the same ideas over and over. Instead, we design the puzzle pieces that fit together in perfect ways. We love the culture of inspiration here that makes this possible.


We love challenging ourselves and helping each other on the path to grow and improve. We all benefit from each person’s development and Element supports that.


We’re critical about our work, but not what kind of fabric the pants we wear are made of.

9.  FOOD

There are a few self-described “grill masters” here, which means we all eat well in summer. We also have a professional baker on staff. Bonus! There’s always something delicious to munch on, which makes coming to work extra appetizing.


We work better in well-designed surroundings that include touches of our individual personalities, don’t you? We love the look and feel of our offices. After all, it’s a second home for each of us.


When someone here needs help, there’s always someone here to offer it. This not only makes us all feel welcome, it helps us accomplish what we love to do.


Always hungry for knowledge, we share links, books, and other resources to help each other see our work and the world in different ways. We use Lynda.com for specific insights and regularly attend Second Wind for the latest industry knowledge.


When life gets crazy, we support each other, helping out however possible until things are back to normal. In times of stress, it’s good to know there are people around to help.

14.  PETS

From goldfish to dogs, there is often a pet or two around the office, because we feel that animals can make a happy place even happier.

15.  FUN

Even during busy times, we still have fun, because we know all the things on this list are true.

16.  BEER

We are in Wisconsin after all. There’s always a supply of local craft beer in our fridge or on tap that we share with clients and each other at the end of a big day.

ad agency party photo

Like any good party, a celebration has great conversations, and you’re invited. Whether you’re near De Pere, Neenah, or really anywhere, the party is always close by. We look forward to celebrating all the things we love about Element with you!


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