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Welcome to the Family, Studio 44!

You know that integrated marketing is our game, and we aim to connect sales and marketing to achieve measurable results. For us, it’s key that our great work and the bottom line always maintain a close relationship. And one of the most effective ways we do that is by constantly growing our family of capabilities to better manage the quality, cost, and speed of the services we offer.

So when long-time friends and business associates Lance Peroutka, Element’s Principal/Agency Director, and Shaun Pitts, long time Photographer, Videographer, and Editor at Studio 44, teamed up to purchase Studio 44, we were pumped!

With an incredible team of client-focused commercial photographers, cinematographers, and CGI/3D artists, not to mention a fully equipped 10,000 sq. ft. studio(!), adding Studio 44 as our new sister company makes total sense. Based just a short distance from our De Pere office, Studio 44 is centrally located to multiple major cities, which is ideal for not only our team, but our clients as well. The folks at Studio 44 are particularly passionate about food photography. Their approach is inspired, professional, and built on more than 20 years of delivering impressive lifestyle and product photography for clients around the country.

We’ll let Shaun tell it …

“I love this industry, and I’m passionate about the work we do for our clients at Studio 44,” Shaun said. “Not only do we have the opportunity to capture enticing photography and video, we get to be creative storytellers with our clients as they work to differentiate themselves in their industries. The integration with the Element team will be truly powerful.”

Making the partnership a no-brainer is the fact that Studio 44 has a food stylist on staff and has carved out a niche in food photography, working with many nationally known food brands. In addition, the company works in industries such as trucking, furniture, retail, and sports, while also excelling at corporate and lifestyle photography. Offering that breadth of capabilities will help us provide holistic marketing solutions, something that’s at the core of Element’s DNA.

Since 2003, we’ve created an integrated family of services and boosted the bottom lines of hundreds of clients. Now we’ve adopted a brand-new sister to further that mission. Welcome to the family, Studio 44!


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