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We Made a Beer! { FINAL PROOF }

What does a blend of creative juices, fresh hops, and heart & soul taste like?

As a longtime supporter of Wisconsin’s craft beer industry, Element has always offered our clients fresh brew on tap as well as bottles from our well-stocked D.B.F. (Dedicated Beer Fridge). However, we’ve now upped our “beer geek” cred a few levels higher—we brewed a unique Element beer!

Final Proof is Element’s statement beverage; an experimental beer that uses uncommon ingredients to match how we push limits to help our clients succeed. Never known as an agency to create something expected, we envisioned a beer with lemongrass, ginger, and fresh hops grown on Element’s back deck.

Crafting something excellent is hard work! Watch Final Proof being brewed.

Luckily, we connected with a brewer who shares our sense of adventure. Our friends at Badger State Brewing Company in Green Bay stepped up with tremendous enthusiasm, expertise, and use of their original brewhouse. The ingredients we selected for Final Proof had not yet been used by Badger State, so the experience was exciting and rewarding, even for these brewing veterans.

Beer-lovers may ask, “Well, what style is it?” In general, Element thinking leans toward nonconformity, so we let our creativity rule. We can say that Final Proof is an ale, not a lager, in the same large family as IPAs, bocks, ambers, wheat beers, porters, and stouts. Narrowing it down, Final Proof is closest to a pale ale, yet with more citrus notes and hoppy bite.

Real. Refreshing. Results-driven.

Final Proof is a brew that mirrors our agency philosophy. Because we’re focused on getting real results that improve a client’s bottom line, everything we bring to the table is selected with care. And, it’s not always what you’d expect. Hey, who would think a blend of lemongrass, ginger, and fresh hops could be so lively and refreshing? Well, we did.

Final Proof will be available this fall at Element as well as at Badger State Brewing. Facebook pages will be updated when it’s tapped. Rumors continue to swirl regarding a select number of crowlers that may find their way out of the agency in the near future.

Again, a special salute to Chris, Sam, and the entire crew at Badger State Brewing. If you haven’t seen their Tap Room and Barrel Haus, get over there for a brew and a tour: 990 Tony Canadeo Run, Green Bay, or visit badgerstatebrewing.com.

View Photos of Final Proof’s Brew Day


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