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Element Employees Ace their Account Executive Certification Tests

It’s the time of year for caps and gowns with the playing of Pomp and Circumstance, including here at Element where two of our employees graduated at the top of their class!

Katie Braun and Molly Wentworth have been out of college and working in the real world for awhile now. However, when you’re on the team at Element, the learning never ends!

Katie and Molly attended a two-day training seminar in Chicago in April. Second Wind, the world’s largest advertising professional training firm, hosted the event. It’s something many of our account executives have gone through. They learn about everything from the history of ad agencies to account services and strategic planning.

At the end, participants receive account executive certifications from Second Wind. But first … there’s a test.

We had to wait for the results to see if Katie and Molly actually absorbed everything they need to know. Were we worried? Heck no!

Not only did both of them pass with flying colors, they each scored 100% on their AE certification tests!

Of course, that came as no surprise. Element hires the best and brightest to help our clients achieve success through advertising and marketing.

“’Recruiting and attracting top talent’ aren’t just popular buzzwords for us at Element, but something we truly believe in,” says Lance Peroutka, Element’s principal and agency director. “When there is an opportunity for our team members – like Molly and Katie – to grow and develop, professionally, we are there to support them. It not only improves their skill sets, but diversifies our ability to better serve our clients and is a sound business investment.”

You always get a good return when you invest in the right education.

Do Katie and Molly really need a piece of paper that says they are amazing AEs?

No. But, it’s not the certification that’s really important. It’s the knowledge and experience they gain from attending events like this and networking with other advertising and marketing professionals.

Are you a creative professional or marketing whiz who loves a challenge, always wants to improve, and has a insatiable thirst for learning more? You might be a good fit for the culture at Element.

Check out the Careers section of our website for current openings. Even if there isn’t an opportunity that matches your skills, we also work with freelancers and would be happy to check out your resume for future positions.


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