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Case Study: Helping Menasha’ s New Website “Go Beyond”


Menasha is the leader in retail-focused packaging and merchandising solutions. In other words, dynamic and cutting-edge displays that grab your eye as you shop.

When we initially met the Menasha team over a year ago, we immediately knew our company cultures aligned. Since then, we’ve worked together on a variety of projects from branding initiatives to trade show booth graphics. Yet, when we recently launched Menasha’s new website at menasha.com, we knew it truly reflected their tagline, “Go Beyond.”

From kickoff to completion, the website was developed over a 12-week period, officially launching in August 2015.


During that time, Element was faced with several unique challenges:

  • Designing content areas that are easily digestible by all visitors while making more in-depth information easy to find when necessary.
  • Developing a site that is fully responsive for mobile devices while allowing for extensive backend editing capabilities in Kentico, a content management system.
  • Showcasing all Menasha products and services in a visually stimulating way, beyond traditional photography or website structures.

Element’s solutions to these challenges resulted in an easy to navigate website, which goes beyond the latest design and programming trends to include:

Since the launch, visitors are now more engaged with the website due to its optimized web presence, providing valuable sales opportunities for Menasha.

There are plans to integrate additional functionality into the website that will accommodate for the company’s expansion in the marketplace. Element is proud to partner with Menasha as ongoing success spurs continued growth.

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