April 5, 2016

Element leads NWTC to award for referendum campaign

Who doesn’t like to be acknowledged for a job well done? Can’t imagine many, right?

Well, the team here at Element couldn’t be happier to congratulate our partner, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, on its recent award for the “Make a Difference. Lead the Way” campaign.

In April 2015, voters in more than six counties agreed to support borrowing upwards of $66 million through property taxes to expand and renovate Green Bay, Marinette and Sturgeon Bay NWTC campuses.

NWTC recruited Element’s expertise to develop the multi-faceted campaign strategy that targeted voters through traditional and new media outreach: from website and social media ads, video production, radio spots, and publicity in local print and broadcast media.

“We were honored to partner with NWTC on this campaign,” said Element’s public relations director Tara Brzozowski. “We were thrilled when the referendum passed and now to be recognized for excellence is icing on the cake!”

Through Element’s work on the campaign to help NWTC educate target audiences on the need for the expansion, the college won a silver Paragon Award in Government or Community Relations at the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations’ national conference in St. Louis earlier this month. The Paragon Awards recognize excellence in communications at community and technical college levels.

Construction on the NWTC campus expansions and renovations is currently underway and is expected to be done in two years – no doubt making a difference in the community and leading the way for generations to come!

Bill MistonContent Marketing & Public Relations Specialist
Bill is a recovering television journalist where he allegedly used the word 'allegedly' on an alleged daily basis. He loves brunching, bloody mary's and nachos. He forces himself to like running to enjoy more brunching, bloody's and nachos. He doesn't like the oxford comma (but is learning to love it) loves water skiing(,) and puppies.