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Nature Called, Element Answered

Earlier this month, Director of New Business, Chad Mix, continually interrupted a Monday morning meeting by excusing himself to the restroom. Swearing the cause was drinking too many weight loss shakes, Mix apologized, but suggested adding computers to all bathroom stalls in order to maintain a high level of productivity. “Just think! I could have been video conferencing into this meeting and not have missed a thing.”

Planning began immediately. In an attempt to maximize the efficiency of the bathroom upgrades, many ergonomic factors were considered. Since research shows that exercise improves mental focus and brain function, Element purchased squat toilets (common in Asia) to replace the traditional sit-down commodes. And to ensure no strain or discomfort during use, eye-level swivel computer stands have also been installed.

Since the addition, Rachel Carlson, Account Assistant, has taken over monitoring employee bathroom use. She was asked to determine if there was in fact an increase in productivity by affixing special bathroom sensors to track brain waves and heart rate.

“It was a perfect time to transition my bathroom monitoring duties,” stated Sue Barrett, Element’s Project Coordinator. “We’ve hired several new employees recently and I am having a really hard time matching the correct person to the unique sound of their foot steps as they head to the bathroom. My files are a complete mess.”

Employees are raving about the addition. “I’ve always said I get my best ideas in the bathroom. I’ve also found that the sound of clicking keys from the next stall is surprisingly relaxing,” stated Digital Marketing Director, Derek Blaszak.

Director of Technology, Kevin Hamilton, has enjoyed the addition so much, that he is currently developing a USB port sensor that will spritz aromatherapy oil into the air every time someone presses “E” on the keyboard.

Since the remodel, Element has caught the attention of several other companies, and an interview with Forbes magazine is scheduled for mid-February, which Carlson suspects will be the peak time of bathroom-related productivity due to fancy Valentine’s Day dinners and gourmet food gifts.

The upgrade has been such a success that owner Lance Peroutka is considering moving his office to the bathroom indefinitely. “When something feels right, you just have to go with it.”


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