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Ten Terrific Twitter Tips for Trade Shows | Because smart tweeting can lead to a face-to-face meeting


Looking for new ways to standout, promote your booth, and achieve networking success at your next trade show? Look no further than Twitter, the news and social networking platform most popular with trade show attendees. Adding a Twitter strategy to your show’s public relations efforts will not only increase your show presence, it can drive valuable sales leads right to your booth.

Interested in learning how to trade show tweet? These tips will get you started.

  1. Pre-Plan – Don’t just wing it. Create a twitter strategy weeks before the show to align your communications with your sales goals.
  2. Audit Others – Take a moment to track tweets from last year’s show. Ask, who stood out, who didn’t, and how can your company capture attention on the show’s live feed?
  3. Be Hashtag Educated – Being aware of and using the correct hashtags in your show tweets will help get your content get in front of show attendees.
  4. Schedule (Some) Content – Twitter’s value is its live and in-the-moment content. However, there is value to preparing a few tweets and scheduling them to distribute at exact moments during the show. For example, promote your company’s latest e-book during a show event about the same topic.
  5. Live Tweet to Attract Attendees – What is the best way to attract prospects to your booth – invite them! Think beyond the boring “Visit Us at Booth XYZ” tweet. Show off  your booth with virtual tour videos, have the sales team discuss great show moments or provide “behind the scenes” insights.
  6. Broadcast Show Events and News – But don’t just talk about yourself; promote show events and news by retweeting the show’s twitter account. Or attend keynote events to capture pictures and video, providing your company’s insights in the moment.
  7. Find Followers – This can be anyone you want to connect with at the show, including trade editors, prospects, current clients, show organizers, keynote speakers or industry influencers. Identify contacts prior to the show and follow their accounts.
  8. Engage, Engage, Engage – Once you have followed your group, start digitally networking. Build a Twitter List or use Hootsuite to stay on top of their latest tweets. Like, share, and comment on posts regularly to engage with them throughout the show.
  9. Host a Booth Tweet-Up – For those unfamiliar, a Tweet-Up is when a group who are connected on Twitter meet face-to-face at a designated time and location. Be the social media host of the trade show by organizing daily tweet-ups at your booth.
  10. Stay Connected – Don’t wait until next year’s show to use Twitter. Continue the conversation by engaging with new followers and show influencers all year. Share industry insights, promote company news and announcements, and engage with prospects.

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