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When to Integrate Infographics into Your PR Campaign

Ever hear the phrase, “a picture is worth 1,000 words?” If that’s true, think about how many words an infographic is worth. Infographics have the ability to share technical information in a way that everyone can understand while also illustrating a point to make it even more impactful.

Since Element is a full-service agency, our PR experts always have design on the mind. So, when we have the opportunity to integrate an influential infographic into a campaign, we jump at the chance.

Here are three times an infographic can strengthen your PR campaign:

1. When the subject matter is technical.

Messaging for complicated industries and topics can be difficult to communicate with words alone. Including a visual element can help explain the information more clearly.

2. When the audience will respond.

Certain audiences will be drawn to an infographic in your PR campaign, specifically those who are design- or data-driven. Think fashion influencers, retailers, engineers, or manufacturers who appreciate visual data and detail.

3. When illustrating your message will make it more powerful.

PR pros always know when they have a good story. But, sometimes, a visual addition will enhance even the best press release, article, or pitch and generate more needle-moving results.

Want to see an infographic for a PR campaign in action? Check out this design we developed with our client, Shopko, for its holiday campaign. The press release and infographic got picked up in publications and websites across the country.

holiday gift guide infographic

Like what you hear but not sure where to start? Contact us and let’s get your next visual PR campaign off the ground.


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