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Is IGTV Right for Your B2B Marketing Strategy? | Plus, a How-to Guide

There’s a video stat that has rolled off the tongues and keyboards of marketers for … months.

“By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.”

-Literally Everyone

With mobile video kicking other types of content into oblivion, everyone’s trying to get a piece of the video pie.

In walks Instagram TV (IGTV). Many B2C brands are leveraging IGTV as part of their marketing strategies, but does it make sense (and cents) for B2B?

IGTV vs. Normal Instagram Video

Instagram has supported video on its platform for years, so you might be asking yourself, why do we need a different video format?

Instagram describes IGTV as “a new standalone surface that features longer videos and easy discoverability through channels, all in a vertical format that sits upright, in the palm of your hand.”

So, IGTV is longer video (in duration), more immersive (full-screen), and in tune with the way that users prefer to, well, use their mobile devices (portrait/upright).

Key IGTV Stats to Consider

Before you make a decision on integrating IGTV into your strategy, consider some hard data.

instagram igtv button removal

Image via Yahoo Finance

Another point to consider: Instagram recently dropped the IGTV button from the Instagram app. Does this signal a slow phasing-out of the format, or just the evolution of their app’s design? We think it’s just simplification of the app, as most people find IGTV videos through in-feed previews, Explore, on specific creator profiles, and in the standalone IGTV app. (Only 1% of Instagram users have downloaded the standalone IGTV app.)

The Current Instagram Audience

Though IGTV adoption might only represent a small portion of Instagram’s audience, there’s still a strong possibility that more and more users will adopt the new video format. That being said, it’s important to consider whether your target B2B marketing audience aligns with the Instagram audience as a whole. (Stats via Hootsuite.)

  • 1 billion people use Instagram every month
  • The gender mix is pretty even (52% female, 48% male)
  • Users spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020 (so far)
  • 1/3 of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses
  • 37% of American adults use Instagram

Yep, Instagram users are pretty much everybody.

Types of Businesses IGTV Might Work For

If you fit into the following categories, IGTV may be a successful method of connecting with your target audience:

Your product/service is visual: Let’s say you manufacture ink for commercial printers. That production process might just make for spellbinding IGTV episodes harkening back to How it’s Made.

Storytelling is essential to communicating your brand: If your business has a lengthy story to tell each and every prospect, vertical video like that of IGTV is a personable way to connect. Think of it like branded FaceTime video between you and your target.

You have a charismatic spokesperson: Like all forms of video, IGTV benefits from an engaging host. Perhaps you’re a company that manufactures beverage ingredients. If one of your senior chemists is a bubbly blend of Bill Nye and Alton Brown, you’ve got something powerful on your hands.

How to Use IGTV in Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Make it exclusive: Because video can live pretty much anywhere online, give users a reason to watch your stuff on IGTV—make your videos IGTV-exclusive.

Brainstorm a binge-watchable series idea: One-and-done videos are just fine, but wouldn’t it be great if your IGTV series went viral? Consider creating weekly installments around a theme.

Use previews: IGTV creators who use 60-second preview videos have seen overall views increase by more than 300%.

Keep branding clear: You’ll want to maintain the visual brand you’ve lovingly cultivated when creating video for IGTV. Choose neutral backdrops with pops of color that align with your brand colors, and make sure your intro and outro state your business name clearly.

Leverage creators already successful in the space: B2B brands can augment reach and exposure by working with influencers. This is a solid option especially if video isn’t quite in your wheelhouse yet.

Our Favorite IGTV Accounts to Follow

If you’re using IGTV, these are some accounts to follow for #inspo. Disclaimer: because the B2B space for IGTV is not saturated yet, some accounts listed below are B2C (but each account produces videos that can inspire your B2B efforts).

Dior (@dior): The celebrated fashion house takes the “how it’s made” video to another level, with videos following a single product from the design stage to final result. The brand’s high-end materials are shown off in direct lighting and close-ups.

General Electric (@generalelectric): The General uses its IGTV presence to show off their people in each vertical—aviation, healthcare, research, etc. These videos highlight product offerings while personalizing the giant corporation’s brand.

GE instagram igtv video slides

Instagram (@instagram): We can go DEEPER. Why not follow the platform itself, as they of course know the best ways to use their own app? Their #Advocates series is especially powerful, as each video focuses on a person challenging norms or supporting a worthy cause.

Have more questions? Our integrated digital marketing team would love to answer them. Want to read more of our musings on Instagram? Get our take on working with Instagram influencers and our picks for Instagram cabin fever cures.


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