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Goldilocks and the Ad Agency Search: The Journey to Just Right

In the world of marketing, choosing the right agency can be a bit like Goldilocks searching for the perfect bowl of porridge or the most comfortable bed. It’s all about finding the perfect fit. And inevitably, the agency’s size must be a factor you consider when selecting the best partner for your business.  

Read on to learn the benefits and drawbacks of every agency size and determine what fits you and your business goals. 

Small Ad Agency: Too Cold

Much like Mama Bear’s porridge, small agencies can be seen as “too cold” for some marketing directors. While they can provide personalized attention and a scrappy sense of creativity, they might not have the scalability to handle larger campaigns or rapidly changing marketing needs. They often don’t offer a complete suite of services, and with a smaller operating budget, small agencies may also not be able to afford the newest software or tech. 

Large Ad Agency: Too Hot

On the other end of the spectrum, large agencies (over 100 people) can be considered the “too hot” choice. These behemoths of the marketing world come with immense resources and a vast array of services. However, their sheer size can sometimes lead to cumbersome processes, slower response times, unattainable prices, and the feeling of being just another number on their client roster. 

Mid-Sized Ad Agency: Just Right

Mid-sized agencies, much like Baby Bear’s porridge, fall in the “just right” category. Here’s why. 

Ample Resources

Agencies that fall into the mid-sized category have more resources and talent on staff than small ones, but because their teams are no more than 100 people, they are still able to collaborate to offer innovative, powerful, synergized work. They likewise have the bench depth to offer a full suite of services, from graphic design and content creation to digital marketing, media planning, and public relations. 

Access to Top-Tier Talent

Working with a mid-sized agency often means you have direct access to senior-level talent. Unlike larger agencies where your account might be managed by junior staff, mid-sized agencies tend to offer more hands-on involvement from tenured professionals. This means your campaigns are crafted with a higher level of expertise and attention to detail, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed your business goals. 


Because mid-sized agencies offer a suite of services, you can activate campaigns across the marketing umbrella with a team that already knows and understands your brand. Every piece of your brand messaging will be harmonized across channels, reinforcing your brand’s holistic identity. Read more about the perks of partnering with an integrated mid-sized agency here. 

Personalized Service

With mid-sized firms, you still get the “star treatment” that smaller agencies offer. Mid-sized teams take the time to understand your brand’s unique needs and tailor strategies accordingly, producing the best marketing results. A medium-sized firm can also adapt quickly to industry changes, emerging trends, and your evolving business needs, ensuring you stay competitive. 


Full-service agencies offer a lot of value in the depth of expertise they can provide. You can typically work with an agency for a fraction of what it would take to staff a team of designers, programmers, SEO specialists, social media managers, and copywriters in-house. And, because you’re tapping into a mid-sized agency, you get the “big team” feel without the big agency price tag. 

Response Times

Medium-sized agencies have a more collaborative and agile working environment. With fewer layers in their company org chart, decisions can be made more quickly, allowing for faster implementation of ideas and strategies. This agility is especially beneficial in today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, where being able to pivot quickly is a must. 

Size Matters, But Culture Does Too

Choosing an ad agency isn’t just about finding a service provider. It’s about finding a cultural fit that feels just right, like Goldilocks choosing exactly what works for her.  

At Element, we understand the importance of this match. It’s not only about our services or our size; it’s about how we collaborate with you. When our values and working styles align, our relationship will feel like living happily ever after. Plus, when you enjoy partnering with someone, the quality of work tends to be better and creativity flourishes—it’s magic. 

Ready to find your “just right” agency fit like Goldilocks? Take the first step by exploring a pilot project with us or hearing directly from one of our happy clients. Let’s connect


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